Refund Policy

This refund policy has been shamelessly stolen from Cleaverous


It is very important that everyone read the details of the Unity Asset Store EULA's policy for refunds and not be confused by the appearance of the 'refund banner' on product pages:

"All sales are final and there shall be no refunds except as expressly provided in this EULA or as required by law."

- Unity Asset Store EULA

Refunds are actually possible, but only in very finite cases. The Asset Store most certainly does not support a 'try before you buy' or 'take it back if you don't like it' philosophy. The EULA is actually straightforward on refund terms. Users may request a refund from us under these circumstances.

  • It was purchased less than 2 weeks ago and...

  • The asset does not work on the version of Unity that it is published for.

  • Including illegal content is also grounds - but we do not publish any content illegally so it is moot.

Since our products all work great on the published version and we maintain them well, there are effectively no valid refund claims. If you have an issue with a product then we are happy to help with it via our various support channels!

If you have a real bug report or find a core problem, please let us know by either contacting us on Discord or creating a new issue! We're committed to publishing good products and your hands on experience with our products makes your feedback very valuable and appreciated!

Additional Notes

To be clear, publishers are not required to support the latest Unity version and the "latest Unity version" is the most recent LTS build - not any alpha, beta or other release. If something is broken because you are using a beta/alpha build then it is not a supported scenario.

If your project is version locked and the asset doesn't work on your version - and you can provide proof that your studio did not do their due diligence in reading the asset page and requirements then we will consider issuing a courtesy refund.

We do not issue coupons, vouchers, or otherwise distribute free copies of our assets to individuals under any circumstances. If you are an educator, enterprise, or verifiable influencer with sufficient notoriety please get in touch via Email or Discord.

Be aware that Hostile reviews - which are becoming increasingly prevalent - will be reported and that Unity actively takes action against accounts abusing or threatening to abuse the review system. Attempts at review-blackmail in order to coerce a refund from a Publisher or to obtain free assets could result in actions against your account from the platform (UAS).