Unused Assets Finder
Clean your Unity project with speed and ease
Unused Assets Finder does what it says on the tin.
This fast, reliable and customizable plugin allows you to find, export and remove unused assets WITHOUT relying on a build to find what assets are not used.
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  • Create a Rule Set, which allows you to filter your search to only find unused assets that fit your criteria. For example, only finding .fbx files.
  • Async code, so it's super fast
  • Works on Unity versions 2017.1 and above
Once all unused assets are found, the results are displayed in a familiar way, mimicking the export package window, which has a search bar so you can search results for specific files.
The Unused Assets Finder will remove any empty folders while exporting your assets, keeping your project tidy and uncluttered.
Compatible with
  • PlayMaker
  • Dynamic Bone
  • Easy Mobile Pro
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Notes This requires the .Net 4.x Scripting Runtime to work
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